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This Page – This page is intended to share with the readers and/or buyers, what materials and tools were used in the creation of the concrete-based art featured here.  I am also willing to post links to other artist’s web sites…  I think all artists have, or should have, the single common simple purpose of “creating beauty”.  So artists should be willing to work together.  This page should also help anyone who is concerned (for whatever reasons; environment, keeping work in the USA, whatever your social concerns may be…  And simply, where do you get materials for repairs, paint refinishing, etc.) about where I get my materials and tools.


          I have had to work very hard to develop my techniques, though, and so…  Until I find out what kind of money I can make at this job (how much or how little demand there is, what prices I can fetch, etc.), I will want to keep at least SOME of my techniques “held closely to the vest”, if you will.  If I find more demand for my product, at reasonable prices, “than I can shake a stick at”, in the future, then I will be more forth-coming about techniques.  I hope you will understand…


          For now, though, I only have this introduction here.  I will build this page as time permits.  If you have an immediate concern, please email me at TexArtCrete@ATT.net